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    I am a young, self-taught programmer and full-time web developer. After completing an 18-month long apprenticeship at an awesome small marketing company I was lucky enough to be taken on full time whilst I study for a foundation degree with the Open University.

    Over the past 18 months, I have taught myself how to code in PHP, Python, JavaScript and some C#. I mostly code my web apps in PHP, it being the language I am most familiar with and, in my experience, the easiest to develop with.

    Pretty much all my time is devoted to programming in some way. During the day, I create and maintain websites for a whole range of different clients, and in my free time, I like to create my own web apps to combat everyday problems and make life that little bit easier for the world.

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    • Sep, 25

      Say hello to Gutenberg – the new wordpress editor

      WordPress this year have released a brand new, redesigned editor named Gutenberg. Based on rich content ‘blocks’, it greatly improves the page and post creation process. Ever used a plugin like TemplateMoster’s Power Builder or SiteOrigins Page Builder? Well, WordPress is seemingly hoping to render those third-party plugins obsolete with their new page builder named ‘Gutenberg’. Currently released […]

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      Nov, 30

      Code Snippets – load SVGs over png + Retina

      Todays Code Snippet is a simple bit of javascript to replace images with their SVG or Retina counterparts, whilst keeping the original images size and supporting browsers without SVG support.   SVG’s are Scalable Vector Graphics, meaning instead of being pixel-based images, they are a set of mathmatically calculated shapes allowing them to be scaled to any […]

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    • Nov, 16

      New Update – WordPress 4.9 – The rundown

      So, it’s that time again. WordPress have released their latest version of their PHP based Website CMS system after four beta releases and three release candidates from 443 developers and translated into 43 different languages. This version contains some pretty cool updates, including an improved customizer with drafts and scheduling built in, a new gallery […]

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      Sep, 10

      Second Alexa Skill is now Live

      My second Amazon Alexa Skill is finally out of certification and lives for all to see.   I have previously written about my last Alexa skill – News Reader – that was published in late July, and now my Second skill has been published! My latest Amazon Alexa Skill – Notes – can create small voice […]

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    • Aug, 11

      My first Alexa ‘Skill’ and getting a free echo Dot

      After playing around with python scripts for some time, around a year and a half ago I came up with the idea of a talking alarm clock made in python. The main features of my talking alarm clock would be, telling you the time, the latest news – courtesy of the BBC’s RSS feeds and […]

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