Woocommerce Checkout Fields plugin

The Problem:

This WordPress plugin was born out of a desire to have greater control over the checkout fields displayed to users for an in house E-Commerce site, for clients to order printing.

Woocommerce, a popular WordPress E-Commerce plugin, by default asks the user for all their billing / shipping information at the checkout, such as name, address ETC. However, if you are selling digital goods or, like us, are using the E-Commerce front end to allow for in house ordering, you don’t need all of this information such as the address. Woocommerce contains the functionality allowing you to change what fields are displayed at checkout, but it is not implemented anywhere in the core plugin.

The Solution:

That’s where Woocommerce Checkout Fields comes in.

This plugin simply lists all the available checkout fields, and allows you to tick the fields you want to hide, and untick the fields you want to show.

Whilst this may seem like a simple fix for a trivial issue, according to a study by Baymard, 28% of people asked said the reason they abandoned an online purchase was due to the checkout process being too long or complicated. This means that removing some unnecessary fields from your checkout form could have a positive on your conversion rates.

This plugin has been submitted to the WordPress Repository and is awaiting approval, but in the meantime, download the Zip file of the plugin below. Want to know how to install a plugin from a zip file? Find out here.